Once your boat is on the water, it is time to prepare for S.E.A. (Safe Engine Awareness)
Before Starting Engine:
1. Make sure the engine is securely fastened
2. Ensure fuel is fresh, uncontaminated and sufficient for trip, plus reserve
3. Check oil
4. Test controls for correct movement and operation
5. Propeller: inspect for damage, weed, rope and fishing line
6. Connect fuel line and check for kinks
7. Turn fuel on
8. Open fuel vent
9. Squeeze primer bulb until firm
10. Connect kill cord and attach to operator (be sure to have a spare onboard), test that it works!
Once Engine is Running:
1. Check tell-tale water flow. Salt deposits often cause clogging.
2. Warm up engine
3. Announce intention to get underway to the occupants of your boat and allow time for them to get ready